Information Security Services

Anti-Malware Services

Malware defined as any malicious piece of software that can affect your computers, servers, applications and networks not only that it is a dangerous piece of software that can cause dramatic loss of performance and overall productivity, but can also act as a gateway to additional infections

Malware can be any form of viruses, cryptolockers, RAT, backdoors or rootkits.

Once infected the bad actors (hackers) will install a backdoor and will use your computer for further attacks against your own infrastructure and even other networks or companies

This could have a huge impact on your company image, creates liability issues and can lead to data loss or confidential data exposure on the internet

Secure Remote Access

Allowing mobile workforce to access corporate resources is vital to your operations, and with working from home becoming the norm these days, it is imperative that remote access is reliable and secure.

Misconfigured remote access can expose the internal resources to the internet and sometimes due to the weak security controls company resources can be hacked, accessed and modified or simply stolen and shared

Security Awareness Training

The weakest link to your security defense is where over 80% of the attacks are taking place, and that is the internal user.

Expect for the cases where malicious intent is exhibited by a disgruntled employee, most users get infected because they do not how to react and protect themselves form malware threats and techniques like phishing, social engineering and attachments received by email

Our integrated Business Model for SME Bundle, offers IT Support for companies located in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and Hamilton area in a simplified and transparent model.

iNet Holding’s Professional Services offering is based on benefits vs features, transparency versus closed models, and free of conflict of interest.
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Information Security Services


To remove the malware we will isolate the infected devices, and using specialized tools we will attempt to clean and repair the computer or server and sometimes even the crypto-locked data. If this is not possible, we will reinstall the operating system and attempt to restore the applications and data affected by the malware attacks
A post-mortem review of how the attack was mounted will be performed, and recommendations for mitigating the future attacks will be provided.

Secure Remote Access

In order to secure the remote access to your resources, we will review together the business processes and the needs for data access of your workforce, and will propose a technical solution that will provide encrypted and authenticated access. We will perform a gap analysis between your current setup and the desired state and will provide you with the steps required to achieve secure remote access using your current technology as much as possible

Awareness Training

Ongoing Security Awareness training of your workforce has been proven to be the most effective first line of defense strategy against attacks originating from inside of the network.
Training can be performed either onsite or as a webinar and should be also included in the on-boarding process of a new employee even before they get access to any corporate data and customized to their roles (Management, Sales, Accounting, General workforce)